So…it’s been a while

I have fallen behind on my blogging duties.  I know, I know.  Bad Nikki.  So here is a review for you all.  Happy now?


I have been wanting to try Soiree since they opened in April.  I love cajun food and to have a place up north serving it seemed like heaven.  I went on a Friday with some friends.  We were greeted as soon as we walked in and were seated quickly.  Our experience started out a little rocky.  There seemed to be a miscommunication between the servers as to who was covering our table.  Once that was sorted out, our experience was amazing.

We started out with the gumbo fries.  They were perfection.  It was steak cut fries with gumbo poured over it. We were too busy eating to take pictures, so here is the mostly eaten gumbo fries.20170714_194937


For our entrees, I ordered the Jambalaya, and my friends ordered the shrimp po boy and the bayou basket.  The jambalaya was perfectly seasoned.  I was a little thrown off by the chunks of tomato, but they were not off putting at all.  Again, too busy eating to get a picture of the presentation.  Deal with it.20170714_194935

For dessert, we shared the sweet potato cheesecake and the memas sundae.  The sweet potato cheesecake is just as advertised.  It is not overly sweet, and was made with real sweet potatoes, not the canned stuff.  The memas sundae is a mix of bananas foster and banana pudding.  Both were phenomenal.  My dining companions even said they would come back just for dessert.20170714_200615

So is Soiree worth it?  Heck yes.  Now go getcha some.


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