The bad and the ugly…

Just so you all don’t think I love every restaurant I have tried, the following is a list of places I have tried and was not a fan of:

Olive Garden – the pasta is always overcooked, the sauces lack any real flavor, the salad is dripping in dressing and the breadsticks are bland.  The only redeeming quality is sometimes they have good desserts and adult beverages

Margarita’s – this used to be good, but the last few times I went there, I was in major stomach distress for at least a day afterward.  Also, for a place called margarita’s, their margarita’s are weak.

Sushi Mido and Moonlight Sushi – mediocre sushi at best

Leo’s pizza – I love pizza, and I have friends that rave about this, but I can not get behind this pizza.  The cheese makes it feel like a anvil in your stomach.

North Dragon, Lucky Dragon, China Fun and China Hut – tasteless chinese food

Gate’s BBQ, Smokebox, Smokehouse, Danny Edward’s BBQ, Winslow’s BBQ, Dickey’s – in a town known for its bbq, these are some of the worst in my opinion.  Bland meats and sauces, or over smoked inedible meat.

Perkins – bland, bland, bland, bland, bland

Tortilla Flats, Abuelo’s, Rancho Grande, Jose Pepper’s, Pancho’s, Mi Hacienda, Los Corrals – I am not sure how some of these places stay open.  It makes me lose a little faith in my fellow Kansas Citians.

Applebee’s – Another restaurant that used to be good, but it is obvious that they are more interested in profit than taste.

Freebirds – tries and fails to be like chipotle.

So there you have it, a list of places that do not have the noshing with Nikki seal of approval.  Do with it what you will…just don’t ask me to come with you to any of them.


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