Sushi on a choo choo? Yes!

I have been a fan of sushi for a few years.  I have been asked several times where are some of my favorite places to go.  Well folks, Sakura is one of those places.  I have introduced many a friend to this great restaurant and most agree it is one of the best in the city.

To start, one thing that sets this place apart from other sushi restaurants is the bar with a model train running half the length.  The chefs put their creations on small plates which are placed on the flat rail cars. From there, you pick the plates you want and pay per plate.  There are two different color plates, blue and green.  The green is a bit more expensive, but (as of the last time I was there) should not be more than $3 a plate.  If you are new to trying sushi, there are other items on the train available for you.  They offer appetizers like dumplings, crab rangoons, and calamari.

Make sure to go early as seats fill up quick.  This place is definitely a feast for the eyes and the palate.  The quality of food here is good.  It may not look like much from the outside, but as with everything else, it is what is inside that counts.


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