Brunch anyone?

Another favorite of mine has made the list.  If you are in Liberty, Olathe, or Lee’s Summit any day between 6:30 am and 2:30 pm, and just so happen to be hungry, check out Ginger Sues.

There are so many great menu items that I can not cover them all in one blog post.  The picture was of a special they had. It was a spinach, mushroom, ham, tomato, goat cheese scramble with hollandaise sauce.  This was from my first trip here, and it was certainly not my last.   I have enjoyed the Denver omelette, west coast omelette, breakfast burrito, blueberry pancakes, and bacon avocado Benedict.

What makes this place stand out from other brunch spots is the excellent food and friendly waitstaff.  There is a reason that the Liberty location will have people lined up and down the sidewalk in front waiting to get in on a busy Saturday or Sunday.  I enjoy their creative spin on the typical breakfast foods.  I have been told the lunch items are good as well, but I crave the breakfast. Eventually I will get to the lunch items.

Let’s talk bacon.  Ginger Sues has a bacon that can only be described as porktastic.  I am not sure what seasoning they put on their bacon, but it makes it sweet, salty, and savory at the same time.  I can not recommend this bacon any more than I already have.  Right now, I am drooling thinking about it.  It is pork perfection.

So what are you waiting for?  Go to Ginger Sue’s and get your grub on.  No need to thank me.  I already know it is worth it.


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