So much cheese

I have wanted to write about this place for a long time.  I have been here a handful of times and so far, have never had a bad meal.  The place is Estilo Ranch Grill.  It is located in a strip mall in the northland. A bit hard to find unless you are familiar with the area.  This may be why the previous businesses in this space did not do well.  The restaurant is family owned and operated.  They have been open for less than a year, but are quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

I had read many reviews before going here for the first time.  They warned of slow service, bad food, and overpriced items.  What I found was far from that.  I have always had good service here.  There was one night that the service was just so so, but the place was packed.  I have never received a bad meal.  I will get into that more in a bit.  I do not think the meals are overpriced at all.  In my opinion, they are on par with similar restaurants in the area, but with superior tasting food.  Rancho Grande could learn a thing or two from the Estilo Rancho Grill crew.

Now, to the food.  How do I love thee, let me count the ways.  The tacos are no frills, but the ground beef is perfectly seasoned.  There is not much more to ask for from them. The cheese dip is some of the best I have ever had.  I have dreams about it.  I have also had the pleasure of eating the fajita chimichanga (pictured here) and the fajita burrito. Both are covered in the cheese sauce and have a good amount of cheese in the middle.  It would be a mouses heaven on earth.  The rice and beans are always good.

If you choose to visit on a Tuesday, make sure to take advantage of their taco Tuesday special.  Two tacos for just $3.  Four tacos will more than fill you up.  That is almost as cheap as taco bell with more than twice the quality.  They have other daily specials, but we all know taco Tuesdays are the best. One other item of note, they serve pepsi products.  This makes me happier than anything.  If you happen to still be hungry after your meal, they do have fried ice cream.  I have not tried it, but have admired it from another table.

So if you are in the northland and in the mood for some good tex mex, try Estilo Rancho Grill.  Help support this local business.  I would love to see them stay around for many years to come.  Also, make sure to get the cheese dip.


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