A Little BBQ Joint

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, so I wanted to get this down before I forgot. Today my dad and I went to A Little BBQ Joint in Independence Missouri. I have been here a few times before, but this was dad’s first visit. The decor screams dive, but the food they turn out is simply amazing.

We started out with the bacon chips which were absolutely delicious. It is thick cut bacon that has been smoked for hours and is served with toothpicks.   This picture does not do it justice.

For the lunch portion, my dad got the senior special, which is a small sandwich, aside, and a drink for under $7. I got the one meat dinner plate. Dad opted for ham on his sandwich, while I opted for the pulled pork. Sadly, I did not capture any pictures of this, because I was too hungry.  

With my dinner plate, I had the choice of two sides. I picked the warm potato salad and baked beans. The warm potato salad was so amazing I saved it for last. The beans were sweet, so it added a good balance to all the savory items on my plate.

Dad was impressed with how good all the food was, and when we got back to Mom and Dad’s house, he bragged about how good it was to Mom. I have a feeling they will be planning a trip out there soon. As for me, tomorrow is not soon enough to go back. In my humble opinion, this is top 3 on my list of good BBQ in Kansas City.

The reason I first stumbled upon this place was a friend’s band (JD Summers Band) was playing there.  There is a deck area they have tricked out that is perfect for concerts.  It is a perfect place to spend a spring, summer or fall evening.  

If you’re in the area, make sure to check out a little barbecue joint. You will not be disappointed.  


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