Mom’s Birthday

I am a little late posting this, but I wanted to share this with you all.  My mom’s birthday was last weekend.  We celebrated it with a nacho bar and sopapilla cheesecake.  We got rave reviews all around.

For dinner, mom wanted bbq.  I knew just the place.  I had been to Q39 before and also had it catered in at work.  This was my mom, dad, and aunt’s first visit.  As always, the place was packed.  Everyone had gotten there before me, so they already had the table.  Lucky for them, I didn’t even need to look at the menu to know what I wanted to stuff in my face.

I ordered the mr burns sandwich with a side of beans.  The sandwich consists of juicy burnt ends, melty pepperjack cheese, slightly spicy chipotle bbq sauce, and perfectly golden brown fried onion straws.  It is epic in size as well as taste.  The beans taste more like chili than what most people think of as bbq beans.  They have a bit of a kick to them, but worth it.

Everyone enjoyed their meals, and agreed that it was one of the best in KC.  If you are in the area, and looking for some good bbq, stop in at the Q.  Trust me, you will love it.


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