Coconut Crazy

I decided to try my hand at some crock pot recipes.  The first was Coconut chicken curry.  The second was a Thai soup called Tom Kha Gai.  Both were easy to prepare, as good crock pot dishes should be.  The smells it made in the house were mouthwatering.  Once they were done and had cooled off slightly, I dove in.


The soup seemed to be missing something.  I did not have the fresh ginger, so I used ground ginger.  I believe that was the missing ingredient.  It was a little bland for me, so next time, I plan on adding some chili paste.  Also, I need to cut the tofu in smaller pieces, and reduce the amount of lemongrass.  The coconut milk looked like it had curdled, but it did not effect the flavor.


The chicken had great flavor.  I paired it with plain white rice.  Next time I will try it with basmati rice.  It had a very good and complex flavor.  It was also missing the heat one would expect from a curry, but I plan on adjusting that next time as well.


As for my first exploration into cooking Asian style, I think I picked two easy dishes.  I can not wait to try them again with the tweaks I mentioned.  The recipes are solid, I just need to suit them to my taste buds.


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