Dinner with my bestie

I bought a groupon a while ago for Artego pizza, but had yet to use it.  I called my bestie up, and luckily, he did not have plans for the evening.  We piled in my car and headed down to Artego.  When we pulled into the parking lot, there were few open spaces.  We were lucky though and got one close to the door.

When we entered, we were greeted by a friendly staff member who told us to sit wherever we liked.  We chose a table right in the middle of the room.  I like to people watch, so this suited me just fine.  I enjoyed the artwork around the room.  There were paintings of famous musicians and groups on every wall.  I had already perused the menu online before, so I knew what I wanted.  My dining partner, however, had not.

We ordered the hummus appetizer.  It came out quickly and we dove in before I could get a picture.  I have tried a lot of hummus, but this was a little different.  The chickpeas were left a tiny bit chunkier than normal, but it made for a great texture.  The red pepper flavor was good, without being over-pronounced.  I would go back for this dish alone, but we still had pizza coming.  I chose the margherita pizza.  The crust was cracker thin, and you could tell all the ingredients were fresh.  My dinner companion had the 39th street pizza.  It is the equivalent of a supreme pizza.  He said it was amazing.  He attributed it to the slathering of garlic butter on the crust.

We both left stuffed, and planning another visit.  We both would give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.  The only drawback for me was that the music was a bit too loud to carry on a conversation.  I have discussed this with others who have dined here, and was told it must have been a fluke.  I did like the variety of music, but would have liked it just as well at a lower volume.

If you find yourself in the area, check out Artego Pizza.  You will not be disappointed.


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